Coach 7 Modeler is a paid app for tablets which offers functionalities needed for Dynamical Modeling.

  • The Coach 7 Modeler app allows you to investigate and model the world around you and it helps to understand many different phenomena in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and other subjects such as Economics.
  • Coach 7 Modeler enables you to use and to create models of dynamic changing systems. In such models the evolution of a system is computed step by step. The data generated by a model can be compared with experimental data and the model can be modified to match the real experiment. Modeling allows solving realistic problems that are difficult to solve analytically at the school level and help students to understand the world of computational models.
  • The Coach 7 Modeler Activities/Results are compatible with Coach 7 Activities/Results (cma/cmr files) and can be exchanged between different platforms.

The Coach 7 Modeler can be purchased via Google Play (Android tablets) and iTunes AppStore (iPads) (the app does not work on smart phones). This Coach 7 app is not meant for users of Coach 7 Tablet Site License.

Download now!

Download now!

Minimum requirements Android Tables

  • Android 5 & 6 and 7,
  • at least 1 GB internal memory,
  • an ARM-processor,
  • 9-inch screen (recommended).

Minimum requirements iPads

  • iOS 8 or higher, this makes working with Coach on the first generation iPads (2010) is not possible,
  • 1 GB of internal memory (recommended),
  • 9-inch screen (recommended).