Coach 7 Modeler offers functionalities needed Dynamical Modeling. This is a paid app for individual purchase.
The Coach 7 Modeling Activities enable you to use ready-to-go models or to create models of dynamic changing systems. In such models the evolution of a system is computed step by step. Modeling allows solving realistic problems that are difficult to solve analytically. It helps students to understand the world of computational models; such models are used today in every area of research and industry.
Fully compatible with Coach 7 on other platforms, no matter what the mix of technology is in the classroom or the school, all users share the same user experience.


You can purchase Coach 7 Modeler and Video App in Google Play (Android tablets) and iTunes AppStore (iPads). This Coach 7 app is not meant for users of Coach 7 Tablet Site License or Coach 7 BYOD Sites License.

Download now!

Download now!

Minimum requirements Android Minimum requirements iOS
  • Android 5.0 (or newer)
  • 1 GB internal memory
  • an ARM-processor
  • 9-inch screen
  • iOS 8 (or newer)
  • 1 GB intern geheugen
  • 9-inch scherm