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Coach 6

Coach 6 is the Learning and Authoring Software Environment. It is a unique environment which integrates all the tools you need for:

Collecting data
Controlling systems
Capturing video
Measuring on videos and images
Modeling dynamic systems
Processing and analyzing data
Creating student reports

Coach folder

Coach 6 supports a variety of hardware platforms:

together with a wide range of sensors and actuators.

As Authoring System Coach 6 gives opportunities to create your own multimedia activities for students starting at primary level up to undergraduate. A Coach Activity can consist of windows with:

rich texts with teacher instructions and student reports,
pictures with illustration of experiments and equipment, 
video clips to illustrate phenomena or to analyze frame by frame,
data presented in forms of graphs, tables, meters or digital values,
graphical or numerical models which theoretically describe science phenomena,
programs to control devices and simple control systems,
web-pages to bring extra resources for students.

The program is delivered with many ready-to-go exemplary Activities.
Coach with all its powerful facilities in one package is a unique environment for use in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Technology with many different curricula.

Download the installation file of the latest Coach 6