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Coach 6 Lite

Coach 6 Lite is a free program which supports measurement and control with CMA's interfaces:

CoachLab I
CoachLab II/II+

A a wide range of sensors and actuators is available in the Coach Sensor Library.

The data collected in measurements can be further processed. Coach 6 Lite offers a number of processing and analysis tools like:

Data display: e.g. X-Y plots and multiple Y-axes.
Zoom in/out: enlarges a part of a graph or zoom to fit.
Scan: presents coordinates of points.
Slope: determines the slope in any point of the graph.
Area: calculates the area under graph.
Function fit: enables to approximate a graph by a standard mathematical function (4 basic functions available).
Select data: reduces the number of data points in a graph.
Derivative: calculates derivative of a set of data.
Formulas for new columns - simpla formula editor available .
Editing of cells and rows.
Histogram: creates the histogram bar diagram.
Import/Export data (DIF, TXT)

Download the installation file of the latest Coach 6 Lite