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Modeling in lower secondary education

Computer models are used today in every area of research and industry. Students should be introduced to computational modeling because it is a professional activity of scientists and engineers. Students should learn about the possibilities and limitations of computer and should learn to construct and use models. Via modeling they can develop higher level skills, such…


BT01 replaces 0511

The new Temperature sensor BT01 replaces the old Temperature sensor 0511. The new sensor is quite similar to the old sensor. It measure temperature in the range between -40°C to 140°C. The sensing element of the sensor is 20 kOhm NTC thermistor with non-linear characteris­tic described by the Stein­hart-Hart equation.


New model of Sound sensor

We have a new model of Sound sensor BT80i. This sensor has the same electronic as our previous Sound sensor 017i but now the electronics is placed in a new sensor box and a sensor cable is not attached to the sensor box anymore. The sensor cable has to be purchased separate (CMA art. nr BTsc_1). The…


PhD research “ICT in IBSE” 

After four years research our Vietnamese colleague Trinh Ba Tran got his PhD title with the thesis “Development of a course on ICT integration into inquiry-based science education”. The goal of his work was to design an effective course for science teachers to learn to integrate ICT into inquiry-based science education (IBSE) and to stimulate inquiry…

Coach 6

Update: Coach 6.71

There is a new version of Coach: version 6.71. This release provides better support for video measurement in Windows 10. If you already have a Coach license, you can update to the new version via our Software Updates page.


Gess Indonesia 2015

Between 30 Sep 2015 – 02 Oct 2015 we have attended the GESS (Global Educational Supplies & Solutions) INDONESIA 2015. We shared a stand with our Indonesian partner Pudak Scientific.  It was a great event, we have had chance to meet many exhibitors and talk to visitors from Indonesia and other countries.