The Learning and Authoring Software for STEM Education

Coach 7 is the most versatile and complete software for STEM Education.
Coach integrates ICT tools, which resemble technologies used by professional scientists and facilitate an inquiry-based approach to education. By collecting high-quality, real-time data, constructing and using models, using simulations and visualisations, comparing results from experiments and models, student can be actively involved in authentic learning activities. >>> Read more about tools of Coach.

Overview Licenses Installations CMA Projects

During Coach 7 installation the complete sets of CMA Projects in English and Dutch are installed by default. In others, than these two languages, only the Tutorial Activities are installed (when available).

Below you can download the installation programs, which will allow you to install the latest CMA Projects in other languages.

Coach 7 German Projects (MSI, 16/10/2017)

Coach 7 Polish Projects (MSI, 18/10/2017)

Coach 7 Spanish Projects (MSI, 16/10/2017)

Below you can download zip files, which will help you to install the latest CMA Projects in other languages. After downloading a zip file follow the instruction below.

  1. Double-click the zip with the projects to unzip. This will create a folder “CMA Coach Projects”.
  2. Select this folder and copy it (command C).
  3. In Finder select the (see Applications) and select the option “Show Package Contents”.
  4. In Finder move into “Contents” => “MacOS” => “CMA Coach Projects”.
  5. Move the language folder you want to replace into the trash:
    de = German
    en = English
    es = Spanish
    nl = Dutch
    pl = Polish
  6. You will be asked for permission. Note this is the reason why you cannot just simply paste (command V) and merge folder directly in the folder “MacOs”. Due to permissions Mac will normally not allow this.
  7. Move back up to “MacOs” folder.
  8. Paste the projects (command V).
  9. Select the option merge to merge the contents of the zip with the already present “CMA Coach Projects”.

Coach 7 German Projects (ZIP, 31/10/2017)

Coach 7 Polish Projects (ZIP, 31/10/2017)

Coach 7 Spanish Projects (ZIP, 31/10/2017)