Lite version of Coach 7

If you think you do not need all the power of Coach 7, or you work with primary level students, you can use Coach 7 Lite. Coach 7 Lite is a limited version of Coach 7 and supports data collection and control with our interfaces: €Sense, €Lab, €Motion (only Windows), CLAB, CoachLab II+, MoLab (only Windows) and VinciLab. Coach 7 Lite is free, but to install it you need a license code. Register first to get your free license code.

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Coach  7.6 Lite (release September, 2019)

Coach 7 Lite can be installed on Windows computers by using the MSI installation file and on MAC computers by using the DMG installation file. Coach 7 Lite Installation Guide will help you during installation.


Coach 7 Lite Installation Guide

Read What is new in Coach 7 Lite to learn about new functionalities of Coach 7.

What is new in Coach 7.4 Lite (PDF)

Low-lever drivers

For older models of CoachLab II+ (Windows and Mac) and EuroMotion (only Windows) it may be needed to install low-lever drivers. The low-level drivers are digitally signed with the CMA license certificate. This certificate must be installed prior to the installation of low-level drivers. Download and install the public CMA certificate.
Depending on your processor type choose the right installation file: 
x86 – for Intel based 32 Bits Processors
x64 – for Intel based 64 Bits Processors (also known as x64, x86_64 and AMD64)
i64 – for Itanium 64 bits Processors (also known as IA-64)
OSX – for all Mac computers

Low level drivers x86   Low level drivers x64

Low level drivers i64    Low level drivers OSX