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WiLab support in the new Coach 7.5 for desktops and 7.3 for tablets

The new CMA data-logger WiLab is now available! To be able to use it you need to update your Coach 7 software to version 7.5 for computers and to version 7.3 for tablets. The latest Coach 7 version is also enriched with a Spreadsheet activity, a new type of activity which can be used to…

Lower price VinciLab

We are very glad to inform you that we lower the price of our portable data-logger VinciLab. You can buy it now for €442.50,-. VinciLab is a portable device, can be used standalone or with Coach 7 program on a Windows or Mac computer (wireless via Wi-Fi or via a USB)  or with Coach 7 App…

Measurement in Coach 7.2 App

In the update of Coach 7 App for tablets (version 7.2)  the functionality of measurement is added. It is possible to measure: on iPad with: – with VinciLab, wireless via Wi-Fi, and – an internal tablet accelerometer, Android tablets with: – VinciLab, wireless via Wi-Fi – €Lab, €Sense, CLAB, CoachLabII+ via a USB port (a Micro USB OTG-hub or a cable is needed to connect),…

Privacy Policy

One of the biggest changes to data privacy laws, the General Data Protection Regulation (known as  GDPR), comes into effect on 25th May. Your privacy is very important to us. That is why we handle your data carefully. Our privacy statement describes exactly how we do this. Read Our Privacy Policy

Release – Coach 7.4

Coach is now extended with a new type of Activity – Spectrometer, in which you can work with CMA Spectrometer (available April 2018) and record Emission and Absorption spectra. In this version the Vietnamese language is added and number of improvements and bug fixes are made. Download and read what is new.

Blood Pressure Sensor – new model

A new (lowered in price) CMA Blood Pressure sensor BT17i is now available. View details about the sensor in our webshop.