VinciLab – Modern Data-logger for Science

VinciLab is our the most powerful data-logger. It is a modern, advanced but easy-to-use, graphic data acquisition system. It can be used standalone and with the computer, in the classroom and in the field.
VinciLab is a handheld Linux device equipped with two processors, a main processor to control the device’s operating system and screen, and a measurement processor to control the measurement and control processes.
VinciLab has a 5” (capacitive) color touch screen that provides high-resolution display offering easy control of the device.
For wireless connectivity VinciLab is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
An internal rechargeable battery, located in the backside compartment, powers VinciLab.

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DISPLAY: 5” (800 x 480 pixel) Capacitive Color Touch Screen
POWER: Rechargeable battery Power adapter
MEMORY: 4 GB, in which 512 MB user memory in the ‘My Files’ folder Expandable with a USB flash drive
CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR.
COMPUTER CONNECTION: Mini USB port also used for powering
USB PORT: Full USB port for USB peripherals
SENSOR INPUTS: Four analog BT (right-hand) inputs 2 digital BT (left-hand) inputs
BUILT-IN SENSORS: Sound sensor and 3-axis Accelerometer
SAMPLING FREQUENCY: Max. 1 MHz (simultanously on channels A1 and A3 or A2 and A4)
OUTPUTS Via digital sensor inputs eight 1-bit or two analog outputs
SOFTWARE ON BOARD: Dedicated Desktop Applications and Coach 6 Application for data collection, graphing and analysis