Data logging

young woman jogging front cement wall101010In this activity students record motion graphs. They are asked to walk in front of the Motion detector and a graph of distance vs. time is being plotted real-time on the computer or data-logger screen during their motion. Students are asked to interpret resulting graphs. Activity Graphing distance (demo)
matchIn this activity students walk in front of the motion detector to match the given distance vs. time graph Activity Match the graph (demo)
foodThis is an activity in which different student groups can investigate different items of food. A sample of a food of known mass is burned, heating a calorimeter. Students record the temperature of water heated in the colorimeter, calculate the energy transferred to the water, and hence estimate the energy present per unit mass of food. Activity Energy content of food (demo)
reactionIn this activity students measure the temperature change in four chemical reactions and classify the reactions as exothermic or endothermic. Activity Endo- and exothermic reactions (demo)