CMA is established in 1987 by science educators of University of Amsterdam with the main goal to enrich and improve Science, Mathematics and Technology Education with innovative and attractive technology products. With this goal in mind, CMA stimulates educational authorities, schools, science teachers and teacher trainers.

fields-300x182Our activities are broad and cover all necessary fields:

CMA’s staff is a group of experienced educators, with backgrounds in Science, Education and Technology. They all share enthusiasm to improve teaching and learning through modern teaching methods and technology.

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Our Team

usericon_16 Ton Ellermeijer
      Managing Director

usericon_16 Ewa Kedzierska
      General Manager

usericon_16 Ad Mooldijk
      Physics Education Specialist

usericon_16 Norbert van Veen
      Physics Education Specialist

usericon_16 Henriette Klein Bluemink
      Chemistry Education Specialist

usericon_16 Annet Reumer 
     Biology Education Specialist

usericon_16 Martin Beugel
      Senior Software Engineer

usericon_16 Lidy van Noppen
     Office & Finance manager