High School (14-18 years)

Students learn to work with the gas chromatographer (Bt45i) while doing this activity. They use hydrogen gas obtained from the Hofmann apparatus. This activity is easy and fast and helps students to master the Bt45i so they can use the gas chromatographer for other more challenging activities.  Hydrogen gas gives an easy to analyse chromatogram. Activity Introduction gas chromatography (Hydrogen) (Demo)
In this activity, students analyse the composition of air freshener using gas chromatography. Performing this experiment gives them hands-on knowledge about operating a gas chromatograph and its practical applications and limitations. Activity Composition of air freshener (demo)
In this activity the blood pressure is derived from measurements of the blood pressure sensor. In the analysis the oscillometric method is used.   Activity Blood pressure (demo)
In this activity students record temperature during a cooling process of hot water and check the validity of Newton's law of cooling for the collected data Activity Newton’s law of cooling (demo)