Following modern and innovative educational ideas, CMA develops Teaching and Learning Activities for use at different school levels. 

Primary School

Free STEM Activities support our STEM Set for Primary School and provide a series of inquiry-based activities for students between 8 and 12 years old. Next to hands-on activities, the set offers activities in which digital technology, the WiLab interface, sensors, and actuators, are used.

Middle & High School

Teaching resources
Our Teaching Resources illustrate the use of tools integrated in the Coach 7 software such as Data logging, Control, Video analysis, and Modeling. All materials are ready for direct use but can be modified to adapt to your own teaching needs.  To access you need to first register with your valid Coach 7  license code. 

Examples of computer exams
Here you can find a number of exam assignments in which computer and the Coach software is used.   

Below you can browse through selected examples of our teaching materials for Middle & High School levels. If you do not have yet access to all resources but like to know what we offer you can check an overview of resources per subject.

Monitoring EKG

In this activity you will investigate the electrical activity of your heart using an ECG sensor. Also the effect of, for example exercising or a cup of coffee, can be

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Our defense system is not an easy topic to understand. This model helps students to understand the topic more easily. Students can study the impact of factors such as incubation

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Blood pressure

In this activity the blood pressure is derived from measurements with the blood pressure sensor. In the analysis the oscillometric method is used.

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Plant growth

In this activity students conduct a video measurement of the growth of the root and stem of a plant after germination. They analyse the growth curve of the plant and

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Gasses in equilibrium

In this activity students study an existing model of an irreversible reaction of N2O4 to NO2 and expand it in order to create a chemical equilibrium. In order to teach

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Gas chromatography

Students learn to work with the gas chromatographer (BT45i) while doing this activity. They use hydrogen gas obtained from the Hofmann apparatus. This activity is easy and fast and helps

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Speed of sound

In this activity students determine the speed of sound in air. There are two measuring methods offered in the activity. Depending on an interface a different method can be used

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Radioactive decay

In this activity students explore radioactive decay via a given decay model. Based on the model they determine the function, which describes the radioactive decay. Further they modify the model

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A trampoline jumper

In this activity students measure on the video clip and graph the movement of a trampoline jumper. Students create the velocity and acceleration versus time graphs and analyse both graphs.

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