coachBased on experience with the use of ICT in primary schools CMA has developed Technology Enhanced Primary Science Set, a series of technology-enhanced inquiry-based activities for students between 9 and 12 years. In this activities students use the CMA €Sense interface and its sensors to learn basic science concepts around sound, light, heat and temperature.
Students perform inquiry-based investigations and use sensors to collect data. They develop basic abilities to do and understand scientific inquiry and develop mathematical skills to read and interpret  measurement graphs. In this activities technology is used to improve learning and understanding.

Student Activities

In the  Primary Science with €Sense activities students investigate phenomena around light, sound, heat and temperature. Each activity consists of student worksheet and Coach software activity.

Student Activities

Teacher Support

Teacher guides (as well on the use of hardware and software, as on science and pedagogy) and video tutorials can be used to help teachers to get started.

Getting Started and Teacher Guide (pdf files)
Video tutorials

Equipment needed

To be able to perform the Primary Science Activities the following is needed:

€Sense interface
Coach 7 Lite or Coach 7 software
Primary Science Kit