In the exams and curricula of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the Netherlands, concepts such as research, design and modelling are clearly addressed. These are partly skills that must be covered in the school exams, but they can also be tested in the Central Written Exam. Until 2010 computers with software were used in the exams to test those skills. Modelling is still included in the exams, but now not as a computer exam anymore.

Below you will find examples of exam assignments that can be made with the computer. The models have been translated as well as possible into the current version of our Coach 7 software and follow the original specifications. You can use them to prepare for exams and school investigations and to practice modelling, data processing or video measurement.

These examples of exams are used with the permission of the CITO (Educational Assessment Organization in the Netherlands).

Functionaning of the kidneys

Year: 2009
Level: HAVO

This model lets you explore the process of urine production.

Black-tailed godwits

Year: 2008
Level: VVO

The black-tailed godwit population is in sharp decline in the Netherlands. A population model has been developed to estimate the consequences of possible interventions. You start working with this model. Later, you then look at the effects of predators such as fox and ermine on the population.

Predator - prey model

Year: 2007
Level: VWO

This model simulates how green algae and water fleas develop together in a pond. Various scenarios are being investigated. The introduction of bream and the effect on the water flea population is also simulated.

Beavers in the Biesbosch

Year: 2007
Level: HAVO

Beavers released in the Biesbosch reproduce less well than the population from which the released beavers come. This may be due to the food supply. A study and a model are used to look at possible causes.

Cod in trouble

Year: 2005
Level: VWO

The population of cod is not doing well. A model is used to investigate the different ways to arrive at a healthy population.

Urine from Amber and Fleur

Year: 2004
Level: HAVO

By using a model you compare urine production at rest and at running (with heavy sweating).

ATP and running

Year: 2003
Level: VWO

A model describes ATP supply in active muscle tissue during a marathon and a sprint. The glucose requirement is also examined with the model.