The new Pressure sensor BT66i is designed to measure absolute gas pressure. It has two measurement ranges, which can be selected using a switch located on the side of the sensor box, 0 .. 700 kPa range and 0 .. 130 kPa range. The sensor is suitable for measurements of high and low gas pressures and will replaces the following CMA sensors: 023i Pressure sensor, 032 Baro sensor and 0341 Gas Pressure sensor. The Pressure sensor is delivered with the following accessories a plastic 20-ml syringe with Luer-lock, two plastic tubes with an inside diameter of 3.2 mm (5 cm and 45 cm long), a three-way valve with Luer-lock connectors, and two Luer-lock connectors.
The CMA Pressure sensor BT66i can be directly connected to the analog BT inputs of the CMA interfaces. The sensor cable BT – IEEE1394 needed to connect the sensor to an interface is not supplied with the sensor and has to be purchased separately (CMA Article BTsc_1).