Coach 7 is the Learning and Authoring software for STEM Education.
Coach 7 can be installed on Windows and Mac computers and can be used with a valid Coach 7 Desktop License or Coach 7 BYOD License. 
When starting the program the first time, you will be asked for your License Code. Contact your local CMA dealer or CMA if you like to purchase a License.


Coach 7 can be installed on Windows computers by using the MSI installation file and on MAC computers by using the DMG installation file. Download the correct version depending on your operating system. Then follow the instructions given in the Coach 7 Installation Guide (also important for system administrators).  

Do you have problems when working with older models of the CoachLab II+ interface or €Motion?
You need to install Low-level Drivers.


File size: 135,3 MB 

Version: Coach 7.10

Release on: 23/10/2023

What is new 


File size: 126,6 MB 

Version: Coach 7.10

Release on: 23/10/2023

What is new 

Mac m1/m2 chip

File size: 107,2 MB 

Version: Coach 7.10

Release on: 23/10/2023

What is new 

Free Trial

We offer a free 60-Day Trial of Coach 7. Please contact CMA to request a download.

Low-level drivers

For older models of the CoachLab II+ interface (sold before February 2011) and for all €Motion Detectors (suitable only for Windows) it may be needed to install low-level drivers. 

FOR Windows Computers

STEP 1The low-level drivers are digitally signed with the CMA license certificate. This certificate must be installed prior to the installation of low-level drivers. 

Download the public CMA certificate.

Install the public CMA certificate. For details instructions consult Coach 7 Installation Guide (page 13).

STEP 2. Depending on your processor type choose the right installation file. Download the file and install the low-level drivers.  

For Windows / Intel 32-bit processors

For Windows / Intel 64-bit processors 64-bit processors, also known as IA-64

For Windows / Itanium, also known as IA-64

For Mac Computers

Download and install the low-level drivers. These drivers supports only the CoachLab II+ interface. €Motion does not work on Mac computers. 

For all Mac computers (ver.23.10.2023)

Error in Windows installation

Starting from version 7.4 the Windows installation has been modified to not reset the Author key to the default value after update. This means that a file, which consists this Author key, will not be overwritten during Coach Installation. Unfortunately for installation of Coach on some systems a direct upgrade (installation when an older version of Coach is installed) does not work correctly. In such situation, the file is deleted and not replaced by the new one, and you get an error message Cannot read Author key file. It may be missing or corrupt

There are two ways to solve this problem:
1. First uninstall the older version of Coach and after that install the new Coach, or
2. Run “Program and Features” repair.