Animal physiology

Cell biology


Human physiology

In this activity the blood pressure is derived from measurements with the blood pressure sensor. In the analysis the oscillometric method is used.

Activity Blood pressure

In this activity you will investigate the electrical activity of your heart using an ECG sensor. Also the effect of, for example exercising or a cup of coffee, can be examined.

Activity Monitoring EKG


Our defense system is not an easy topic to understand. This model helps students to understand the topic more easily. Students can study the impact of factors such as incubation period and infection on the course of an Ebola virus infection. Through inquiery based learning students learn the basics of a viral infection and important factors.

Activity Ebola

Plant physiology

In this activity students conduct a video measurement of the growth of the root and stem of a plant after germination. They analyse the growth curve of the plant and couple the growth speed to available energy.

Activity Plant growth