VinciLab 2 is the new version of our popular data logger VinciLab. At first sight, the new VinciLab 2 resembles the previous model. It can also be used in the classroom and in the field:

  • standalone,
  • wireless via Wi-Fi, and 
  • wired via USB,

but it has been improved in many ways. VinciLab 2 runs on Android 11 and offers standard apps for setting up the device and connections, managing files, browsing through images, or playing videos, and the new Coach 7 app for data collection, graphing and processing. The new device is faster and its touch screen is more responsive. The two digital sensor inputs are replaced by Control Output and HDMI port. The support of USB communication between VinciLab 2 and a computer has been improved and is more user-friendly.

School Level: