Driving question : How to model radioactive decay?

In this activity students explore radioactive decay via a given decay model. Based on the model they determine the function, which describes the radioactive decay. Further they modify the model to describe a decay of a real radioactive isotope e.g. Barium 137m and compare how well the model fits the experimental results.

Topic: Radioactivity,
Concepts: Radioactive decay,
Grade level: High School (14-18 years),
Activity type: Modeling,
Sensors: Not applicable,
Interface requirements: Not applicable,

The Student Worksheet gives investigation instructions for students.

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The Teacher Notes includes teacher commentaries such as didactical approach, exemplary questions, assignments and data analysis.

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The Science Background describes the scientific principles that underlie the activity.

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Download activity Radioactive decay (.cma7) Download result Radioactive decay - extended model of Ba137m (.cmr7) Download result Radioactive decay - model of Ba137m (.cmr7)