What is sound? What gets warmer quicker water or sand? How to design an automatic shop lightning?

Our STEM Set for Primary School consists of:

Primary school students have an interest and enthusiasm for the world around them and are curious to understand why and how things happened. Introducing STEM activities into a primary classroom allows for the creation of an educational environment, in which young students have opportunities to investigate their world. They have opportunities to learn by inquiry and design.
Based on educational research and our experience with the use of digital technology, we have designed STEM Set for Primary School, which offers everything you need to do STEM activities at Primary School and helps you to introduce young students to Science and Engineering.


An easy-to-operate interface for measurement and control. 
It is a simple but powerful device with two types of connectivity, wired via USB cable and wireless via Bluetooth, which can work with computers and tablets.

Sensors & Actuators

BT sensors can be directly connected to two sensor inputs of WiLab and are automatically detected.

Two built-in actuators, a buzzer, and an RGB LED can be used in simple control experiments.

Primary Science Kit

The Primary Science Kit is full of additional lab equipment to be used for experiments with temperature, light, and sound sensors.

Coach 7 Lite for computer or tablet

Coach 7 Lite supports data collection and control with WiLab.
It allows a ‘real-time’ display of the measured data in a table, in graphs, and on meters, it offers simple tools for data analysis and the possibility to save the results.
Free to download after registration. 

Teaching and Learning Modules

The extended teaching and learning materials provide you with all the resources you need for more than 25 lessons. The Getting started module helps you to learn how to use Coach 7 Lite and WiLab. Other Exploring modules offer a series of activities per sensor and may be used independently from each other.
Each Module includes Teacher notes, Student worksheets, and Coach Activity files.

CMA’s staff is a group of experienced educators, with backgrounds in science, education, and technology. To help teachers to incorporate our STEM activities into their teaching we offer teacher workshops. Are you interested? Please contact us.