Coach 7 Activities and Results are exchangable between different platforms: Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. No matter what the mix of technology is in the classroom or the school is, all users share the same user experience.

Only modern CoachLab II+ models with a USB-port are supported. Older models with a serial port are not supported, not even with an adapter cable. CoachLab II+ models without a serial number, or with serial number SAG08XXXXX and SAG09XXXXX contain an internal serial to USB converter and require low-level drivers to work properly.

All CMA sensors that were supported in Coach 6, are also supported in Coach 7. Approximately 200 sensors and sensor calibrations are supported, including a selection of Vernier sensors.

The following CMA interfaces are supported:

  • On Windows: CLAB, €Lab, €Sense, €Motion, MoLab, CoachLab II+ and VinciLab.
  • On OS X: CLAB, €Lab, €Sense, CoachLab II+ and VinciLab.

The CoachLab II interface (before 2008, with a serial port) and other old CMA interfaces are no longer supported.

Yes, *.cma, *.cmr, *.cma7 and *.cmr7 files are interchangeable between all supported operating systems.

Yes, most activities from Coach 6 can be opened directly in Coach 7, but not the other way around. There are a few cases where conversion is not possible, e.g. when a text contains an image. In these cases, the activity will have to be manually modified.