VinciLab runs a version of Coach that was specifically developed for VinciLab (Linux). This is a version that is not related to the version for Windows (Coach 6) or the version for Windows and Mac (Coach 7).
It is, however, possible to use VinciLab with Coach 7 as well for computers as for mobile devices. When connecting VinciLab to a computer using USB or WiFi, Coach 7 will detect VinciLab and initiate it as an interface. This way, you can do measurements In Coach 7 on PC or Mac using VinciLab.

Whenever updates for VinciLab become available, these will be distributed via our update servers. VinciLab needs to be connected to the internet and the update needs to be initiated manually. This can be done in the “Settings” app on VinciLab.

Whenever new functionality is added to Coach, or when enough bugs are fixed, a new minor version of Coach will be released. You can expect two or three updates per year, one of which will be likely prior to the start of the academic year.

Coach 7 is now available for Chromebooks that support Android. You can download the Coach 7 app from the Playstore. The current version supports Modeling and Data Video. A BYOD license is required to activate the app.

Please note: if your Chromebook does not support Android or has the ability to run Android-apps, Coach 7 can NOT be used on your Chromebook. Especially older Chromebooks (2014/2015) are not compatible with Android. Carefully check beforehand if your Chromebook supports Android before purchasing Coach 7. An extensive list of Chromebooks that (will) support Android is available here.


Coach 7 works on computers with Windows 7 or newer and Apple computers with OS X 10.11 El Capitan or newer.

The Coach 7 app can be used on Chromebooks, but only if the Chromebook supports the use of Android and Android-apps. An extensive list of Chromebooks that (will) support Android is available here.