VinciLab runs a version of Coach that was specifically developed for VinciLab (Linux). This is a version that is not related to the version for Windows (Coach 6) or the version for Windows and Mac (Coach 7).
It is, however, possible to use VinciLab with Coach 7 as well for computers as for mobile devices. When connecting VinciLab to a computer using USB or WiFi, Coach 7 will detect VinciLab and initiate it as an interface. This way, you can do measurements In Coach 7 on PC or Mac using VinciLab.

Whenever updates for VinciLab become available, these will be distributed via our update servers. VinciLab needs to be connected to the internet and the update needs to be initiated manually. This can be done in the “Settings” app on VinciLab.

Coach 7 Activities and Results are exchangable between different platforms: Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. No matter what the mix of technology is in the classroom or the school is, all users share the same user experience.

Only modern CoachLab II+ models with a USB-port are supported. Older models with a serial port are not supported, not even with an adapter cable. CoachLab II+ models without a serial number, or with serial number SAG08XXXXX and SAG09XXXXX contain an internal serial to USB converter and require low-level drivers to work properly.

All CMA sensors that were supported in Coach 6, are also supported in Coach 7. Approximately 200 sensors and sensor calibrations are supported, including a selection of Vernier sensors.

The following CMA interfaces are supported:

  • On Windows: WiLab, CLAB, €Lab, €Sense, €Motion, MoLab, CoachLab II+ and VinciLab.
  • On OS X:  WiLab, CLAB, €Lab, €Sense, CoachLab II+ and VinciLab.
  • On iPad: WiLab (BlueTooth), VinciLab, wireless via Wi-Fi.
  • On Android: WiLab, VinciLab, wireless via Wi-Fi, and €Lab, €Sense, CLAB, CoachLabII+ via a USB port (a Micro USB OTG-hub of cable is needed to connect an interface).
  • On Chromebook: WiLab VinciLab, wireless via Wi-Fi.

The CoachLab II interface (before 2008, with a serial port) and other old CMA interfaces are no longer supported.

Yes, *.cma, *.cmr, *.cma7 and *.cmr7 files are interchangeable between all supported operating systems.

Yes, most activities from Coach 6 can be opened directly in Coach 7, but not the other way around. There are a few cases where conversion is not possible, e.g. when a text contains an image. In these cases, the activity will have to be manually modified.