It is possible to conduct measurement with Coach 7 on a Chromebook.
To make it possible, you need to install a HID server, which takes care of the communication between the Chromebook and the CMA interface.
Follow the steps below. NOTE: on Chromebook, the WiLab interface can only be connected via Bluetooth!

  • Go to the Google Play Store and Install the latest Coach version.
  • Go to the Google Web store and install the “CMA HID Server”.
  • First start (using the  start button) the web application CMA HID Server. This shows a small window.
  • Connect the USB Interface you want to work with (not WiLab, which works with Chromebook via Bluetooth).
  • Then start Coach.

Choose a measurement activity or open a new measurement activity. If an existing activity expects a different measurement interface, you can expect a notification about the HID Server( eg.  CoachLabII + is stored in Activity and a EuroLab is connected) after opening this activity.

Coach 7 is now available for Chromebooks that support Android. You can download the Coach 7 app from the Playstore. The current version supports Modeling and Data Video. A BYOD license is required to activate the app.

Please note: if your Chromebook does not support Android or does not have the ability to run Android-apps, Coach 7 can NOT be used on your Chromebook. Especially older Chromebooks (2014/2015) are not compatible with Android. Carefully check beforehand if your Chromebook supports Android before purchasing Coach 7. An extensive list of Chromebooks that (will) support Android is available here.