Apps on a chromebook are not allowed to use folders outside the app by default without permission.
Coach can use the files if they are in the app documents folder:
Copy the file “under” the app documents folder, for which Coach does not need extra permissions:

In the files app do as follows: My Files => Play Files => Documents => Coach 7 Copy the file here.

In Coach this corresponds to the user folder.
In the browser dialog click the user tab and the file should be there.

It is possible to conduct measurement with Coach 7 on a Chromebook.
To make it possible, you need to install a HID server, which takes care of the communication between the Chromebook and the CMA interface.
Follow the steps below. NOTE: on Chromebook, the WiLab interface can only be connected via Bluetooth!

  • Go to the Google Play Store and Install the latest Coach version.
  • Go to the Google Web store and install the “CMA HID Server”.
  • First start (using the  start button) the web application CMA HID Server. This shows a small window.
  • Connect the USB Interface you want to work with (not WiLab, which works with Chromebook via Bluetooth).
  • Then start Coach.

Choose a measurement activity or open a new measurement activity. If an existing activity expects a different measurement interface, you can expect a notification about the HID Server( eg.  CoachLabII + is stored in Activity and a EuroLab is connected) after opening this activity.

Coach 7 is now available for Chromebooks that support Android. You can download the Coach 7 app from the Playstore. The current version supports Modeling and Data Video. A BYOD license is required to activate the app.

Please note: if your Chromebook does not support Android or does not have the ability to run Android-apps, Coach 7 can NOT be used on your Chromebook. Especially older Chromebooks (2014/2015) are not compatible with Android. Carefully check beforehand if your Chromebook supports Android before purchasing Coach 7. An extensive list of Chromebooks that (will) support Android is available here.