It may be necessary to update the firmware of an interface from time to time. CMA occasionally releases improved firmware versions to improve an interface’s interaction with the computer, a tablet or one or more sensors. To update an interface, it needs to be connected to a desktop or laptop and Coach 7 needs to be started.

For some interfaces Coach 7 is able to automatically detect if an update is available. You will receive a notice about a possible update when initialising the interface for a measurement activity. Simply agree to update the interface and Coach 7 will perform the update. After a few moments the interface is ready and you can continue with the measurement.

Other interfaces need to be updated manually. Start Coach 7 in Author mode and select “Tools” in the menu at the top of the screen. Select “Firmware update”. A new window will open. Select the interface that is connected to the computer that you want to update and select the most recent firmware version. Perform the update and then continue as planned.

The €Lab interface is only powered through USB, which places a limitation to the maximum power consumption. This may also be dependent on the computer the interface is connected to. Some sensors need more power (for example the Force sensor or the CO2 sensor) and when such a sensor is connected to €Lab and the USB port does not provide enough power, then the sensor may not work properly or may not be automatically recognised by the Coach software. First select the sensor manually from the Coach Sensor Library and check if this solves the problem.



Wireless measurements are possible with:

  1. VinciLab via WiFi as well with computers as with tablets.
  2. WiLab via Bluetooth with tablets.

CLAB can be used as a standalone data-logger. The experimental setup is prepared using the Coach software on a computer or the E-CON application on a CASIO Graphic Calculator and uploaded to CLAB. The measured data are stored in the CLAB memory and can be downloaded into a computer or a calculator after the measurement is finished.