Can I download a Coach 7 Activity from a website and open in Coach 7 App?

Yes you can download activities from websites and open them directly in Coach, for example activities offered on the CMA website (see Teaching Resources page).
iOS: tap the link to cma7 or cmr7 file, tap Open in “Coach 7”. Coach 7 App starts and opens the activity.
Android: tap the link to cma7 or cmr7 file, the activity will be copied into the Device Storage > Download folder. Go to My Files App and tap the downloaded activity, Coach 7 App starts and opens the activity.
You can also copy the file into Documents > Coach 7 then the file will be visible in the User folder of Coach 7 App.

Note: for some browsers it can happen that a Coach Activity is interpreted as txt file instead of cma7 or cmr7 file. This is not a problem as Coach 7 App can open such file with extension txt. Touch the downloaded txt file and select Open with Coach 7 or copy the file to the User folder of Coach 7. When the coach activity file with txt extension will be opened via Open icon in Coach App then it will modify its extension back to cma7 or cmr7.